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Oblivion Ring on an Oblivion Ring


Oblivion Ring on an Oblivion Ring

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Man Plays Same Unsleeved MTG Deck for 10 Years

Photos found at this link:

I found this thru a tweet by Nathan Holt (@WalkThePlanes)

Wow, that is a well loved deck.

Or not loved enough.

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The Angel of Mercy


Heres the full view version

I want to splice this art onto Emeria Angel. Because dove tokens every time you secure another control point.

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Since I have recently acquired some Magic: The Gathering cards, I kinda feel like giving them away since I have never played Magic and I don’t really have any interest in it. They are kinda old, too, but I guess they are collectibles or something? I dunno.


  • You don’t have to be…
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the new liliana huh i was expecting somthing good her ultimate isnt even an ultimate maybe this is wizards way to say sorry for jtms nueturing planesalkers all together

She only costs 3, if you use the +1 she’s immediately out of Lightning Bolt / Incinerate range, her abilities protect her, and her final is a Do or Die that affects your opponent’s Planeswalkers, Enchantments, Artifacts, and Lands as well.

I don’t see what’s to complain about here. Ok, so her +1 could affect an opponent instead of you as well, her -2 could “destroy target creature” instead of allowing them to choose what to sacrifice, and her Ultimate could just say “Destroy all permanents target player controls” - any or all of those would make her better (well, except for the first if you like that it is good for multiplayer), but take this to heart: Just because a card can be better doesn’t mean it needs to be. Swords to Plowshares gives the opponent life and affects only creatures, so why not “W: Exile target permanent or spell”? It’s better!

I like the new Liliana. The card’s in-color and follows some of Liliana’s strengths as a spellcaster without seeming stale, it’s strong without being JtMS-y, and it’s a 3 mana ‘walker for a color that tends to get the more expensive ones. And I definitely agree with other commenter’s conclusions that planeswalkers that are not made to go in every single deck of their color is better for diversity in play, not just for Standard but for Commander as well. There is just lots of win here. Kudos, Wizards, kudos.

 I agree that not every planeswalker needs to be designed to blow your mind in order to be effective and useful. Always try your best to think of cards in terms of multiple formats (Constructed/Limited/Casual)

Her +1 isn’t actually bad if you have the cards to support it. If you have something in your hand that would play better out of the graveyard, that is. The -2 is great if you already have removal that destroys permanents. If your opponent has a Mirran Crusader on the field (a 2/2 w/doublestrike and protection from b&g) you can’t hit that with a Doom Blade or a Go for the Throat, but if the Mirran Crusader is all they have, they have to sacrifice it. And of course the last one is pretty cool. It will completely change the flow of a game.

All of this for 1bb? I’m not complaining.

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found this on google. if this were real life, and they could be my friends or pets, i would go into a coma of happiness for at least eleven days

Want! I can see them like moving when I pick them up too! So cute!

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